Have you ever wondered how successful music groups work together, perform and amaze us?
Have you asked yourself, how do they team up? What drives them? And, what keeps group members together, and what drives them apart?

In this course we examine five music groups from pop and classical music, discover their journey, the ups and downs of their career and learn many useful lessons on leadership, teamwork, collaboration, communication and success.
Who should take this course?
• Startup founders who are looking how to setup their team
• Junior management who are ambitious and are looking to move forward
• Senior management who want to build on their existing leadership skills
• Students who want to learn skills they will not find at their schools
• Teachers who want to embrace new learning material
• Anyone who is interested in learning new skills that will help him or her stand out amongst peers and colleagues

What will you learn?
• Recognise that teams may be fundamentally different but equally good in their own way
• Why some teams succeed while others fail
• How to lead and build your team
• How to implement acquired knowledge in the real world

How will you learn?
• Top-notch video lessons with original content
• Interviews with experts from business and music
• Downloadable material
• Quizzes for each lesson

Your takeaway
• Unique knowledge you can implement immediately
• Further your professional career with exceptional insights and knowledge
• Stand out among your colleagues and peers with your newly acquired ability to think
• ConductVision Academy Certificate

The Story of Beyond

The Story of Beyond

In this story we will learn about the rise and fall of famed Hong Kong pop group Beyond. What was the main reason for their success? Why couldn't they continue their meteoric rise to fame? Enroll in this amazing course and find out!

The Story of Genesis

Why was Genesis for decades one of the most popular pop groups? Throughout the years the group underwent significant leadership and team changes. What was the secret to their long-term success? How did they overcome challenges and change?

The Story of the Juilliard String Quartet

The Juilliard String Quartet is regarded as one of the foremost chamber ensembles in the classical music world. For over 70 years they are the role model for string quartets all over the world. How did they achieve this? Follow this story and find out the secret to their team's long-term success.

The Story of Queen

Who of us has not heard at least one song by Queen? In this story we will however look at the pop group through a different perspective. We'll examine the group from a team perspective. Why did they choose Freddie Mercury as their main vocal? Why did Freddie try out a solo career? What secret lies behind their continuing existence after Freddie's death? Take this course and you will learn a number of great lessons in teamwork, leadership and success!

The Million Dollar Trio

The Story of the Million Dollar Trio

A sensation in their time, the Million Dollar Trio included three of the most celebrated musicians of their time: Arthur Rubinstein, Jascha Heifetz and Gregor Piatigorsky. Their remarkable partnership offers us valuable lessons on teamwork and communication between high performing individuals. Don't miss their amazing story!

ConductVision Academy Course Experts

Our Course Experts

Our course experts will accompany you during this course, presenting and explaining their viewpoints and perspectives on each story. They come from different fields, music and business, elaborating their unique thoughts and insights on leadership, teamwork and communication.

Ourania Menelaou, Pianist

Martina Berglund, Senior Accountant

Mirella Kreder, Mediator and Business Consultant

Bibi Pelić, Violinist and Entrepreneur

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