Set the Tone, Be in Harmony, Concert of Powers.

Amazing words, aren't they? Do you use these words in your professional vocabulary? Do you know somebody who does? What effect does a rich and sophisticated vocabulary have on you? A great one!
What we might not be aware of, is that these terms derive from music and as such have a more powerful effect on our listener. We are more persuasive and effective on our conversation and arguments.
Learning new, powerful expressions triggers are creative and critical thinking processes. As Pablo Picasso stated, "Looking at a painting or listening to music activates parts of the brain that are linked to creativity."
With this course, we have developed a new, original way which will help you understand and implement a wholly new vocabulary that will enhance your thinking and conversational skills. You will learn the background and usage of a number of musical terms that have found their way in the business environment. After taking this course, you will stand out among your peers as a professional and effective speaker who eloquently and argumentatively expresses his/her opinions and thoughts.
How to Spice up Your Language Through Music

Who should take this course?
• Professionals who wish to level up their conversational skills
• Students who want to learn skills they will not find at their schools
• Teachers who want to embrace new learning material
• Anyone who is interested in learning new skills that will help him or her stand out amongst peers and colleagues

What will you learn?
• Develop a richer and more effective professional vocabulary
• Improve your speaking skills
• Develop your creative and critical thinking skills
• How to implement acquired knowledge in the real world

How will you learn?
• Top-notch video lessons presented by the creator of the course
• Tutor support
• Educational content presented in an enjoyable way
• Quizzes for each lesson

Your takeaway
• Unique knowledge you can implement immediately
• Acquire a more sophisticated and effective vocabulary
• A deeper understanding of processes within organizations and teams
• Further your professional career with exceptional insights and knowledge
• Stand out among your colleagues and peers with your newly acquired ability to think and effectively express yourself
• Certificate of completion

How to Spice Up Your Language Through Music Course - Explained

"Very much enjoyed the lessons and cannot wait to jazz up my language with the new vocabulary when conducting my next workshop or lesson. I will definitely try to set a new tone in my speech and am sure to hit a responsive chord with my listeners. I am entirely in concert with you as to the importance of music/art terminology to trigger creative thinking and response and find your advice sound and instrumental in interacting on a daily level. Thanks again for orchestrating this transformation in my mindset and I will definitely tune in to another one of your courses in the near future."

Gabriele Schuermann, completed the How to Spice up Your Language Through Music

Hi, I’m Bibi Pelić, the creator and your instructor on this exciting journey of spicing up your language through music.
Music gives us so much joy and pleasure. It also offers us a wide range of experiences and knowledge we can adopt. I've had great joy in exploring idioms and phrases we use in our everyday conversation that originate from music.
It's difficult to say which is my favourite, but I'll try...Concert of Powers!
Let our journey begin!

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