Have you ever felt amazed and inspired by people who lead others to great achievements and success?
Do you know that there is a leadership course that moves away from traditional trainings and gives you the opportunity to learn in an enjoyable, engaging and imaginative way?
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The Music Conductor. A leader like no other.

Have you ever wondered, whether YOU can be the leader with the power, energy and skills to take your team and organisation forward?
This course examines leadership through the eyes of the music conductor, a leader whose energy, dynamism and skills takes his or her team to mesmerise us during a concert performance we remember for years to come.
Are there secrets to a conductor's leadership? Yes there are, and by taking this course you will learn how to lead like a music conductor!

How to Orchestrate Your Leadership

Why should I learn leadership from a

music conductor?

Around for nearly 400 years, the music conductor embodies a compelling set of experiences that provide valuable settings and tools for leadership that are more than relevant today, applicable to all industries and cultures. Music leaders do, think and feel in a fast-pacing and demanding industry where there is only one performance and no time for repetition or corrections.
Who should take this course?

• Senior management who want to build on their existing leadership skills
• Startup founders who are looking for innovative leadership models
• Junior management who are ambitious and are looking to move forward
• Students who want to learn skills they will not find at their schools
• Teachers who want to embrace new learning material
• For those who want to level up and make a difference
• Anyone who is interested in learning new skills that will help him or her stand out amongst peers and colleagues

What will you learn?

• How to develop your own leadership style
• How to be an authentic leader
• How to communicate and collaborate with your team
• How to prepare your team for success
• How to build a sustainable company culture
• Understand your individual role and how to create a positive impact in your team
• How to implement acquired knowledge in the real world

How will you learn?

 Top-notch video lessons presented by the creator of the course
• Worldclass facilitator accompanying you throughout the course
• Interviews with experts from business and music
• Downloadable material
Lesson scripts
• Quizzes for each lesson
• Downloadable audio version of every lesson to listen and learn, away from the computer screen
 Additional Bonus: One-on-one online 60min coaching session with course facilitator

Your takeaway

• Be an authentic leader
• Unique knowledge you can implement immediately
• Further your professional career with exceptional insights and knowledge
• Stand out among your colleagues and peers with your newly acquired ability to think
• ConductVision Academy Certificate

A Unique Approach to Leadership

In the first part of this course we investigate key elements and factors that make him or her a great music leader. We start with the conductor's education and training, delve into conductor's mindset and explore different leadership styles and ways of working with the orchestra. One key question we ask is: is there a difference between a classical music conductor and a jazz conductor?

Great Music Conductors - Examples in Leadership

In the 2nd part of the course, we sharpen our lens, following fascinating careers that help us explore leadership through a unique historical perspective, observing the interplay between leadership and the political, socio-economic conditions of the time.
We discover various leadership styles, styles that may be radically different but equally successful in their own way.

A State of the Art Leadership Journey

Take this extraordinary journey, learn invaluable skills and takeaway unique knowledge at your own pace, accessible from anywhere 24/7.
Don't forget: Knowledge is power!

✅ Enjoyable, engaging, imaginative
✅ Original content
✅ Innovative concept
✅ Learn at your own pace 24/7
✅ Learn on-the-go on your mobile, tablet, notebook, PC or audio

Our Course Experts

Our course experts will accompany you during this course, presenting and explaining their viewpoints and perspectives on each lesson. They come from different fields, music and business, elaborating their unique thoughts and insights on leadership, teamwork and communication.
Andreas S. Weiser

Andreas S.Weiser

Renowned conductor Andreas S. Weiser is our music expert in this course. He has worked as Music director of the Prague State Opera, principal conductor of the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted numerous orchestras and collaborated with other famous successful musicians. Throughout this course Andreas Weiser shares with us his unique experiences and knowledge, insiders tips and entertaining stories from his own work experience and that of other great conductors.
Listen to Mr. Weiser talk about leadership with ConductVision Academy founder Bibi Pelic in her ConductVision Talks.

Adriana Dergam

Adriana Dergam

Adriana Dergam is our business expert in this course. As a business, NGO and media professional with 20+ years of experience, Adriana's expertise is in international and multicultural projects with strong emphasis on innovation, technology impact, strategic planning, building partnerships, and change management. Previously Head of Corporate Communication, Sustainability and Innovation, Trustee of the Vodafone Foundation,
Adriana is currently Board member of the Latin American Chapter, EUTEC Chamber. She is also member of the Council of the Government of the Czech Republic for Human Rights and Honorary Consul of Uruguay in the Czech republic.

Ivana Šedivá

Ivana Šedivá is our business expert in this course. Holding high corporate positions as CMO at McDonald's and Tesco, CMO and Business Processes Director at Johnson & Johnson, Ivana is currently a sought out senior leaders mentor, helping them to grow their brands, people, teams and organisations. Bringing her broad corporate business experience as well as passion for music, Ivana accompanies you in this course sharing her invaluable experience, advice and knowledge.
Listen to Ivana talk about leadership, passion and purpose with ConductVision Academy founder Bibi Pelić in her ConductVisionTalks.
Ivana can be reached here.

Ulrike Michel-Schneider

Ulrike studied Business Administration and received her Bachelor from San Francisco State University and her MBA from HHL - Graduate School of Management, Leipzig. She majored in Marketing and International Management and has since gained work experience in a number of fields and in international settings. She has studied and worked in Germany, USA, Netherlands, as well as the Czech Republic. 
With valuable business development experience in the field of air cargo and logistics, skills in mediation, consulting and analytics in real estate, fundraising, event management and relationship management in the non-for-profit sector as well as education, she is an experienced business consultant. 
In her current role she is acting as Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnership for ConductVision.

Bibi Pelić

Hi Everyone! As the course creator and your instructor, am excited to welcome and accompany you on your leadership journey. Transferring unique knowledge from music to business is my passion. Having worked as a senior manager in a global corporation, I recognised that businesses can successfully implement a wide set of leadership and teamwork experiences from music. It is fascinating to observe how one can transform the knowledge and experiences of a music conductor to a business leader, or a business team to work like a classic or jazz band.
My first book, Music & Leadership, discusses the phenomenon of translating leadership from music to business. Let our journey begin.


When does the course start and finish?

The course is a completely self-paced online course — you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like — across any and all devices you own.

Will I get a grade or certificate?

No grades will be given in this course, but upon successful completion of your assignment, you will receive a ConductVision Academy certificate.

This course is closed for enrollment.

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